I’m a 20-something natural light photographer making my way through life in Chicago & Denver with a camera and serious love for 90′s music.

A few years ago I graduated from Illinois State University where I studied Communication and English. My degree allowed me to see the importance in storytelling through words, but I realized I had already found my favorite way to tell stories long before college that had no connection to the words I studied, and that was through the narrative of pictures. My camera allows for the same powerful feat my words can achieve: freeze a moment in time, transcribe memories, and capture timeless joy.

When creating my business, I remember hearing advice from fellow photographers that I had to find my niche and stick with it. But, the more experiences I photographed, the less I wanted to choose. I love capturing the sweet smiles exchanged between a mama and her little one just as much as I adore capturing the first time a groom sees his bride. So, here I am refusing to choose and loving every minute of it. Because in one weekend, I have the ability to capture two people vow forever to one another, a newborn coming home for the first time, and a wife home on military leave laugh with her daughters. And for that reason, being indecisive has never felt so good.

So, come say hello! Whether you just want to talk about how great deep dish pizza is, or are looking to capture a fleeting moment in your life, I’m your girl. My journey starts where your story begins. So, tell me your story. I can’t wait to hear it.

I am available for travel worldwide and provide special travel discounts to select locations. I am an equal rights vendor and welcome any race, gender, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, etc.